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🥺 'What' on earth is going on in that brain of theirs
🥺  'Why' they're happening
🥺 'How' to respond in a way that honours their developmental capacity and strengthens their connection to you!


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You had heard about the toddler years, you'd probably even been 'warned' about them. Even with all those stories you probably weren't expecting it to be THIS overwhelming.


I want to help you realise that there's nothing terrible about toddlers at all, in fact they're pretty bloody wonderful just a little misunderstood. 


You want your child to know that 'all feelings are ok' and you want to be their safe space but when they're hitting, screaming, kicking, thrashing and hurting others you don't know where to go next.


You're wondering:

🤔 Surely this is more extreme than most

🤔 This can't be normal, or is it?

🤔 Shouldn't we have outgrown this by now?

🤔 Am I supposed to just let them get away with hurting me in the name of emotional expression?

🤔 Could it help just to give them what they want or distract them and move on?

🤔 Are they just manipulating me or is responding makin them worse?

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How do I know what you're thinking? Because I've spoken to thousands of incredible parents just like you who have had the same thoughts. I know you're not alone, and I want to help you to find your own inner capacity to thrive in this season.


👉 You're here because what you've been doing doesn't feel like it's working.

👉 The frequency, duration and the intensity just isn't reducing.

👉 You've been trying the scripts you've read online.

👉 You've tried all the frameworks, tips and tricks the experts are selling to you and it just ain't working.

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I wonder what it would look like if it was 'working' anyway? Truth be told, this could be different for everyone. Perhaps it's the outcome you've become wed to that is unachievable. Let me help you shift some perspectives and give some honest insight into what you can realistically expect.


It doesn't matter whether this is your first child, your third or even your sixth child; tantrums don't tend to get any easier to experience.
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 😫 You may have been chugging along on the tantrum train or a long time now and have realised that it doesn't have to feel this hard.


😫 Perhaps you vowed never to be that 'yelly' parent but, you continue to live life on the brink of dysregulation and the ridiculousness of some of these tantrums has you pushed over the edge.


😫 You find yourself wondering if you're saying the right thing, if you should really go away when they tell you to, how the heck to set boundaries when they're behaving like a banshee.


😫 You've felt the burning eyes of others and heard their condescending commentary about the way that you're responding but you lack the confidence to tell them what your approach is and why.

The experiences from your own childhood are ringing alarm bells and you know that you want to do differently so that your kids don't ever have to feel how you did. Trying to tread a different path is impossible when you do know where you're going.

Whether you're approaching toddlerhood, in the thick of toddlerhood, experiencing it again, haven't outgrown it yet or you haven't quite got there, this is for you!

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Let me guess...

You're already saying "It's ok to be angry, I won't let you hit" buuuuut, they're still hitting?

You've tried validating the feeling but the tantrum is only getting bigger.

You're trying so bloody hard to be calm on the outside but you're bubbling on the inside?

It doesn't matter whether you sit with them or leave them, nothing seems to help.

What I'm giving away isn't a 3 step  framework and a set of scripts whilst that may feel like the simple answer it's disempowering and generic at best.


Disempowering because I actually believe that you already have the wisdom inside of you to know how to handle this stage, we've just got to clear a bit of dust for you to find it.


Generic because every single child and parent-child relationship is unique and I couldn't possible profess to claim that I know you or that I know better than you.

"I want to leave you with more confidence, more connection, more excitement and more knowledge about this important season of development."

Not only that, I want you to know that I get it. I've been there. I am there.

As well as being a certified practicing counsellor and a registered Child and Family Play Therapist, I'm also a mum to three wonderful kids who have challenged and grown me in ways I never imagined possible. With my third babe coming into his second year of life, we are also in the peak of tantrum town.

What exactly is included?

Glad you asked...


6 Pre-recorded modules Including information on:

- Identifying and understanding your own triggers 

- How to *actually* feel calm in the face of it

- Understanding your child's development including how their brains develop and how their temperament and sensory systems impact their behaviour

- What to do when it turns nasty including the hitting, kicking, screaming and biting

- How to set effective boundaries

- And the power of play and how it can reduce the intensity and frequency of tantrums!


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As well as the videos you'll also find a lesson summary PDF, an audio file of each lesson to listen on the go and a whole bunch of pdf resources that will act as a quick reference guide


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I’m Sarah, the founder of Secure Foundations, a child protection social worker turned Child and Family Play Therapist and a mum to three! I have a Bsc (Honours) in Psychology and a Masters in Child Play Therapy; my passion is supporting parents and educators to make sense of little people. Giving them information, insight and practical strategies to support the adult-child relationship, boost caregiving confidence and improve mental health outcomes.


As a Child and Family Play Therapist, I have over a decade of experience working with children and families.


Throughout my work and life as a parent, I recognised the deep need for trauma-informed, evidence-based and attachment focused parenting supports.


So here, let me hand you a pair of flippers to come and dive deep with me.